January 8, 2013

Chicago - {Part 2- The sights}

As you can see, most of my sights in Chicago involved a fork. However, my sister did take me around to see some of the hot spots. Since, she was working during the week I got to explore the city by myself. This is a first! If I'm traveling alone, it's usually with work so I have a schedule, but this time, I didn't.

I got to

  • eat when and whatever I wanted (Hello, big bowl of tator tots the size of my face)
  • go back to Target 20 times with no one complaining
  • grab tea when I needed a break 
  • visit old friends
  • brave the cold for a boat tour 
  • stand in front of the Nordstrom mirrors for 20 minutes debating on boots and no one rushed me
I've got to travel alone more often - It was glorious! 

Obligatory Tourist shot 

Cold Walk along Lake Michigan 

A first! Uggs on the beach 

Gorgeous theatre 

This is a Wal-greens. Can you believe it? The building used to be a bank. I may have spent 20 minutes here. 

Far from home! 

Finding the start of my architecture tour at Navy Pier 

Braving the cold for a tour on the river


Color coordinated friends


 Sears Tower 

Pretty Lights 

Getting my hair did at the Beauty Bar 

So Hip- Whiskey and Pabst 


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