January 4, 2013

Chicago - {Part 1- The food }

I loved my trip to Chicago. It's one of those cities that hubby, and I have discussed living in if we moved back to the States even though neither of us had ever been.

I was staying with my sister and she was the best host. My weekend there consisted of food, shopping, meeting friends and eating more food. I forgot how much food arrives to your table at restaurants in the States -  PLUS, it's BYOB in most restaurants. Amazing!

I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Picked up at the airport with Vietnamese sandwiches! 

My most favorite concept in the world. 

The dinner gang 

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Late Night Tacos at Big Star  -Anthony Bourdain approved 

Korean BBQ 

The name. I know it's a tourist joint but I had to go. 

Massive food portions 

BYOB!!! Sushi dinner with friends 

 Dinner at the Publican - Also Anthony Bourdain approved 

That about sums up how I felt after the weekend! 


Abby Hock said...

Mmm Big Star tacos and Chicago hot dogs!

This is going to sound a little creepy, but I think I may have seen you at the Dublin airport? I was in line at baggage claim and thought I recognized you at the other side... but after a sleepless overnight flight from Chicago, and not having officially met you, I didn't try to say hello, haha. Was that you?

Hope you had a good time in Chicago. Speaking from experience, it's a great place to consider should you ever decide to move back!

Ly said...

Ekks! It was me, and I saw you too but was like she's totally going to think I'm a creeper. I should have come over and said Hi! We should totally get together for a catch up soon. Email? Utran28 @ gmail.com. chat soon!

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