January 28, 2013

Anniversary Date

Since it was our dating anniversary, we didn't do anything too crazy. I went to pilates and then we looked at new patios (good times). Since it was a nice day out, we decided to go for a walk and then head into town to try that new Vietnamese restaurant.

It all started out lovely enough. The sky and sea were glistening!

View from Kiliney Hill 

Muddy walk 

One of my favorite benches near Kiliney Hill 

After that glorious walk, we decided to head down to the sea and take a quick peek. Unfortunately, the weather took a bad turn. We waited under an awning for 10 minutes to see if the rain would pass, but it didn't it got worse...then it started SNOWING. We raced back to the car but got soaked. There was no hope to head into town for pho (although it would have been perfect to warm us up). We decided to head into the closet pub (with a fireplace) to warm up. It was a lovely way to spend our 11 year anniversary! 

Gorgeous Irish Sea - This picture was taken 10 minutes after the above picture. 

Storm clouds coming in


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