December 11, 2012

Swan Lake

Because I had missed the ballet in Russia (the Marinsky theatre troupe were off when we were there in August), Hubby bought tickets for us to go see the ballet at the Bord Gais theatre last Friday as a one year anniversary present (paper!).

We had a lovely little meal at Ely and then headed into the theatre. It was such a lovely show, but... soooo long.  I can't pretend to be that cultured for three hours! The worst part is that I was rather jet lagged still and it was so dark and cozy, I fell asleep during the second act and had to practically prop my eyelids open to stay awake for the third act.

Date night picture 

But the costumes were sooo lovely and the dancers were so graceful, I loved all the parts I stayed up for! Our seats were rather high up but we still had great views of the stage. The male ballet dancers (ballerinas?).... oh man. Their costumes were so tight (and white!).  From my seat, you could see very clearly defined bum and leg muscles (perv!). I was sooo impressed with their fitness! 

View from our seats 


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