November 30, 2012

13 hours

This should keep me occupied for my 13 hour flight to Hyderabad, right? 

  • 15 magazines on my Xoom (including Vogue and Grazia India- Gotta keep up with the fashion here and see what I should be bringing back home!) 
  • Season 1 and 2 of Mad Men (How have I worked in advertising for 10 years and never jumped on this band wagon?) 
  • Two books- one fiction, one non-fiction 
  • Mildred Pierce. I've never heard of this video, but a co-worker forced me to take it since she said it was sooo amazing. This is randomly the Polish version (hopefully with English subtitles!) 
  • My cozy cashmere scarf (Is it too much to ask that I sleep a bit on this flight?) 


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