September 25, 2012

Family Fun Time

Even though I was over in the US for work last week, I was lucky enough to be able to sneak in some family time. I got to see my sister and her family during my layover in NY which was fantastic! I also got to see my parents and baby sister. Two months ago they moved to the California area (for my dad's job) and so future work trips will conveniently coincide with family trips. HURRAY!

They drove down to San Fran to pick me up, and we spent time in the Fisherman Wharf area. After a lovely walk through Pier 39 and a nice late lunch, we headed to see the new house in the Sacramento area. It was lovely and American (ie, I could fit in the refrigerator and the garage was bigger then my actual house). Can't wait to spend more time in the pool (or maybe the hot tub brr.....) at Christmas!


Rose said...

So funny how our lives cross yet again! I'm in SF and my parents recently moved to the Sacramento area too :) Glad you had a great visit! x

utran28 said...

No way! That is sooo random! I loved the California area for the SUN (and the shopping). Hope all is well with you!

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