September 12, 2012

Early anniversary celebration

Since I am in San Fran during our actual wedding anniversary, Hubby and I decided to celebrate a week early. We had thought about going to a little B&B (or castle) in the countryside for the weekend, but with all the traveling that we had been doing, we opted to just chill out at home instead.

Lucky for us the weather was GORGEOUS(!!!!!) this weekend, and we decided to check out Powerscourt Waterfall. Even though it's only 13 km away from our house, we had never been. I loved it and would definitely go again. We were properly in the countryside and it was a lovely break from the city. We parked ourselves by the waterfall, had a picnic and read all afternoon. Absolute bliss!

I highly recommend this little gem. Even though the weather was amazing, there were not that many people around. Also they have grills and picnic tables set up permanently. Would be a great place to go in the summer with friends!

The waterfall. Gorgeous, no? 
Trying to find a good picnic spot 

Our summery lunch! 



Michelle said...

It looks so nice, we might try and go this weekend, if the weather allows. Happy Anniversary!

utran28 said...

Did you go check out the waterfalls? How was it?

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