August 1, 2012

Recent Obsessions

Two recent Android App obsessions... I'm not very tech savvy (the irony of where I work based on my tech knowledge... I know, I know) so I'm sure people know about these apps, but I just discovered them. They are life changers!!

First up, Workout Trainer 
This app has loads of workout training programs from Yoga to weights to running. It explains the exercises clearly and times you. Programs range anywhere from 1 minute to 60 minutes.  It's great for at home workouts (I've been doing some while watching the Olympics) or while traveling (they don't require any equipment really). Best of all, it's FREE!

Second Amazing App of the week - Zinio 
This app allows you to subscribe to some of your favorite magazines and keeps them archived in the cloud and on your device. This makes me so happy because I LOVE magazines. They are my one indulgence (besides my massages). Most importantly, I'm able to download magazines from the US which are expensive here. It's perfect for traveling as you can download a load and bring just the one device. WOOP!

And a mini mention, I also downloaded the Economist app in an effort to appear be smarter. I don't know honestly how often I will use it, but worth checking out. You get a magazine weekly with the top 6 stories. Could be good to hoard them for a long flight? 


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