July 16, 2012

Summer Party

I had the MOST fun at the our friends' summer party. From my close group of gal friends, 4 work at F and 4 work at G so it was the perfect +1 situation.

We started the evening at the weekly work TGIF event (trying to avoid some of the rain) and headed over to the square where the event was being held after the rain subsided.

They had a couple of lovely bands, delish food trucks (yum to pad thai and paella!), photobooths and the best event station I've ever seen - fake eyelash and face paint! We loved it!

We ended the evening at a night club (and eventually a fast food joint- I can't help myself). My sister saw my pics and asked why everyone was dressed like it's fall. I told her we were lucky that we got to take our jackets off in July! :)

The Gals 

Breaking Bouncy castles- Kidding! I didn't! 
Our eyelashes! 

Wellies on a lit up dance floor. Classy. 



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