July 9, 2012

My weekend in pictures

We had one glorious sunny day this weekend...and the rest was gross, rainy, wear your boots and a coat (!) in July kind of weather. We took advantage of the gorgeous sun and had a picnic in the backyard with a long nap in the sun. Afterwards, we walked to and around the harbour. Lovely!

99's from Teddy's
Mine is actually smaller.
 I didn't wolf down half the ice cream before the picture :) 

Listening to street musicians while I drank tea. 

Sail boat flags in the Harbour 

Dun Laoghaire Harbour 


JessCPierce said...

Will it be that beautiful in September? Pretty please? :)

JessCPierce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
utran28 said...

Probably not Jess! Just want to make sure I set your expectations properly...although that little seaside town is only about a 20 minute walk from my house....it's nice during a storm too...huddled up in a pub with some pints :)

JessCPierce said...

I kind of figured!! But we're pretty easy to please so no worries on us... we'll enjoy whatever we do! :)

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