May 16, 2012

A Taste of Thailand

We had a lovely CDWM at my friend Erica's last night. She recently got back from a trip to Thailand where she took a cooking course. Lucky for us, she brought back some AMAZING recipes for us to try. Below is a picture of the delicious appetizer. Her instructor called it "A taste of Thailand". We were instructed to wrap all the below ingredients into the lettuce. When combined, it had an amazing, salty, savory sweet taste. I actually could eat this all day every day! So simple and refreshing. 

Ingredients include: Dried shrimp, red chillies, onion, coconut flakes, peanuts, garlic, lime and honey. YUM! 

She also made a delicious curry. I wolfed it down so fast, I didn't get a chance to take a picture. (Oink!). 

But not to forget where we were (Ireland- boozefest), drinking (on a TUESDAY!) was also involved. We had an engagement AND a birthday to celebrate- totally justified! 

8 attendees- 8 bottles. Total Lush 

I love our little dinner get togethers (usually bi-weekly) and really look forward to girl time with these lovely ladies. We have a "linner" get together this weekend as well (a long, lazy foodie lunch with lots of daytime drinking which inevitably turns into a quick dinner at the closest fast food joint- classy).


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