May 10, 2012

Road trip!

Hubby and I went on our first road trip this weekend to glorious Cork to visit the in-laws. It was a lovely traffic ride down; however, I quickly learned I'm the WORST backseat driver. Never in our relationship has Hubby driven me around. We've gone on road trips from Montreal through to New York and not once did he drive so... it was a lot for me just let go of control.

On our way!

I've said this before, but Hubby's family really lives in the country. These are his neighbors. 

Momma sheep and baby lamb. Baa!!!! 

Randomly for some reason, Hubby's parents suggested we go to Blacksmith fair in Millstreet Country park. Blacksmith fair? Rrrreally? It was cute though and I'm glad we went.

Random country looking thing 

The blacksmiths! 


Hubby getting the fire going. 

The country park! Hubby and father 

It was a lovely road trip and we got really lucky with the weather because this seriously has been the only day in May where I have seen sun. Also, I had a venison burger on this trip. It was  glorious! How have I not had venison before? YUM!


babypoprik said...

You have had venison before, silly...when we were little!

utran28 said...

Did I? I don't remember this at all! :)

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