May 21, 2012


The gals and I have a lovely traditional of meeting up for linner. Instead of breakfast into lunch, we go lunch into dinner.

This weekend, we started at the Butcher's Grill in Ranelagh. I love the feel of Ranelagh, but have never really gotten a chance to explore many of its restaurants. The one we chose was a meat lover's dream. We all ordered steaks which were yummy! I debated between the steak and ribs which looked and smelled delicious at the table next to ours- will definitely have to go back for the ribs.

Bovine wine. Yum?

We then continued our cocktail journey in Ranalegh going to Birchall's, an old man's pub, to watch the Heineken cup final and also the Champion's League final. It was PACKED! We consider ourselves a foodie group, but dinner descended into mayhem. We had seats and didn't want to leave and stop drinking cocktails so bags of chips it was!


We ended up leaving after awhile (since we had been at the pub for about 7 hours) and headed over the Bath pub to watch the penalty shoot out and then it was home time for me... Drinking for that long makes a girl sleeeeeepy... :)


The Ledermans said...

We also were at Birchell's for the games! Fun night out for sure.

utran28 said...

No way! I'm gonna have to keep my eye out for you guys (in a non-creepy stalker way) next time I'm in Ranelagh! :)

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