April 23, 2012

Sunday Coastal Drive

Hubby and I took our first real road trip in our car on Sunday. We had the whole world available to us(!!) but decided to go with a little trip to Britta's Bay since the sun was shining.

I loved it! The drive to the bay very much reminded me of the drive to Crane's beach in Massachusetts (really, or was I trying very hard to feel like I was back home?).

The excitement of getting over the sand dune and seeing the beach! 

Crazy Sky. Sunny in one area and Stormy clouds in another. 

First toe dip this season. It was FREEZING! 

Wondering why it's not warmer?! 

Playing "Baseball" 
After the walk along the beach, we went for a drive along the tiny coastal road to the town of Arklow for lunch.

Kinda sorta like Australia's Great Ocean Road? :) 

We ended up in Arklow for lunch. Arklow is a typical Irish town/village. This sign made me laugh.

After going for a short walk around the village, we settled into a cozy pub with newspapers and magazines and enjoyed the loveliest pub meal. Whenever I go to the beach, I always crave seafood. I got their mixed grill. YUM!

Even though it was only a day trip, it felt like we were gone for the weekend. I can't wait for many more road trips this summer! 


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