April 11, 2012

Marie Claire April Edition

I've been looking all over Dublin for the April, American edition of Marie Claire. Has anyone seen it? Can you let me know where you see it?

The reason for my quest??? My darling sister is in it with her Hubby!

Reasons to be jealous. 
1. Her arms. How skinny!!!!
2. Her dress. It's the one Katie holmes wore here, and it's backless. Love.
3. She's freaking featured in a Marie Claire article!!!!

Reasons to stop feeling like Jan Brady
1. It's only a side profile so it could be any asian lady.
2. It's an article about inter-racial marriages (What is this 1998?)
3. I don't have another reason. I'm still freaking JEALOUS!


rach said...

Thats so cool!! Your family always seems to get these great opportunities in ads and magazines! Its a fabulous picture as well :) Have you tried Eason's? thats where I usually find American magazines...(terribly overpriced, but at least they are american!)

utran28 said...

I've tried Eason's and Reed's but no dice... My whole family is into this stuff but I'm NEVER in magazines :( poor me.

Hope you're well! x

Jackie said...

Is that my leg in the background of Marie Claire? I'm famous too!!! hehe.

utran28 said...

Gill! It is ... I can't find the magazine over here so your picture had to do :)

rach said...

I will take a peek in Eason's down here when I get a chance to see if I can find it! I know they always have american cosmo and better homes and gardens and ect...and maybe you'll be the next one in a magazine!

utran28 said...

Aww... you're too sweet. Thanks Rach!

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