April 10, 2012

A Killiney Hill Easter

Did you have a lovely Easter dear readers? We did nothing Easter-y at all :( No easter egg hunts, no chocolates...nothing.

We lounged on the couch all day being super lazy. We finally pulled ourselves off the couch to go for a lovely walk through the little village of Dalkey and up Killiney Hill.

View of the sea from our picnic spot 

Taking a little break. The hill has loads of really cute benches along the path  
Timed picture! 

Gorgeous flowers up the hill 
As we were walking up the hill, Hubby revealed to me that two years ago, he was going to propose to me on this hill but I was being a right b@#$, complaining the whole time and refusing to climb up the hill. Oops! :) 


rach said...

Thats an amazing view!! I would love to spend more time up in Dublin- I've never seen the sea up there!

utran28 said...

Come up and play in Dublin! We'll take you for a walk up the hill! xx

rach said...

I definately will have to!! I will actually be in dublin later this month for a large company ball....I dont have to work the next day either (I won a work "reaping" to be off the day after!) Maybe we should meet up for a coffee!

utran28 said...

Yes! That would be amazing... Either coffee or greasy hangover food depending on your mood :) Send me an email utran28@gmail.com so we can arrange x

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