April 20, 2012

Fallon & Byrne

Last night I had the most glorious catch up with my pal A at Fallon & Byrne's wine cellar.  I've only been down there once before, and I don't know why I haven't gone back.

It's a lovely, dark and romantic setting with a huge selection of wine and a small selection of nice nibbles- perfect for a girly catch up or cute date night. We ordered a selection of cured meats and smoked salmon - best salmon I've had in ages!

I tried to take a sneaky picture without flash and this is the blurry shot I got- makes you want to run over there, right? :)

Oozing romance 
The best part of Fallon and Byrne is that it also has a quaint grocery store and a proper restaurant in the building. The grocery store has loads of American stuff like Aunt Jemima syrup, Lucky Charms cereal (I'm not kidding) and other random American goodies. 

Since I was there for dinner, A and I popped into the grocery store and picked up dessert on our way out. It tasted like AMERICA :) Yeah!

Devoured before I could take a proper picture 


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