February 27, 2012

Life at it's finest

 I had visitors this week and we had such a blast in the Dublin sun. Seriously, it was like a fine summer's day.

I started off picking them up in the airport. Welcome to Dublin! Super prepared with his bright yellow wellies...

I rented a fab car see below... Me? In a mini van? Who would have thought my life style would change so drastically.


We had a great time driving around in this monstracity through Dun Laoghiare on Saturday and Sally's Gap and Glendalough on Sunday. Imagine me - driving on the wrong side of the road, with precious cargo in the backseat, on narrow, narrow Irish country roads (and SHEEP!!! ON THE ROAD!!!). I was soo tense. But .... we got pretty pictures...that's all that matters, right?

Into the mystic


Monastary City in Glendalough

The Lake 

Playing Cars


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