January 12, 2012

Belated New Year's Post

Ekks... I'm behind on my adventure posts! :)

Hubby and I headed to Westport, County Mayo on New Year's eve for a friend's wedding. We had such a short time there and sadly only saw the inside of the wedding hotel and the church. We didn't even head down to the village area with it's lovely canal and apparently amazing pubs with great live trad music. Oops! Definitely one to add to the potential travel spots for weekend trips.

The wedding was our first after our own wedding so was really nice to sit back and just enjoy the readings and ceremony and champagne!!! :)

Bride and Groom with a festive Christmas tree 
Prom pictures! 

New year, new hair for hubby! 

The gals with the bride 


K said...

I love going to weddings! And your dress is STUNNING! Love it!


utran28 said...

We've got 6 weddings this year so plenty to go around :)

Thanks for the lovely comment on the dress too! I bought it as soon as I saw it and this was the first time I had any occasion to wear it :)

K said...

I don't know about you, but I always think the UK has a much better selection of dresses than the U.S. I'm in Florida and I can go to 10 stores and not find anything! In the UK it's the opposite, go to one store, find 10 dresses! :)

utran28 said...

Really? I guess I've only been shopping in the UK a couple of times. Normally I hoard dresses online about two months before I fly home to the US :)

Have you shopped in Belfast? I'm hoping to get there this year and see what the selection is like!

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