December 12, 2011

Lounge Update

Loved the Aer Lingus Lounge!

I arrived relatively early to the airport because I NEEDED to track down books two and three of the Hunger Games (BTW, have you joined this bandwagon? What are you waiting for ? It's SOOO good).

Once I got the books (I had to go all the way to terminal 1 cause it was sold out in terminal 2), I walked through the doors of the lounge and landed in a glassy, modern lounge. It looked nothing like the pics in my last post but was still lovely.

They lent out Samsung Galaxy tablets, had free wifi and lots of drinks and snacks. I debated on pouring myself a gin and tonic, but decided it was a little too early to start drinking!

I took some bad sneaky pics of the lounge to share with you.

Open Bar :) 

Weird view of the lounge from where I was sitting 

It was a lovely start to a lovely vacation!


rach said...

They were passing out samsung galaxy tablets?? Thats awesome.....I think I would be more excited about that than the open bar! I should really get in on this aer lingus loyalty program!

utran28 said...

Isn't that so cool? To borrow of course. Definitely sign up for it. It took me three years though to get in and the membership expires after a year unless you maintain a certain number of points.

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