December 21, 2011

Just one more

This is THE saying Irish people use to try and convince you to stay out for one... just one...which always leads to 12 and ends up in Zaytoons, THE kebab place in Ireland (best eaten after 2:00am).

My Saturday started out respectably. Brunch with my lady friends and a secret sanata at Hugo's. We exchanged gifts ( I got monster slippers! and gave the OPI Best of the Best, which I highly recommend. I may or may not have gotten one for me too).  We had a lovely, civilised meal complete with Christmas Crackers!

Our token man playing with his Christmas cracker gift 
My plan was to go home afterwards and snuggly up with hubby. Wrong. I ended up in front of a man shaped fireplace (as you do). Pub one of my THIRD 12 pubs of Christmas this season. Seriously, put a gin and tonic in front of me, and I'll follow you anywhere.

Fireplace at Longstone Pub
After each pub, I kept saying, "Right, now I'm leaving." 8 pubs later, I had to pull myself away... Why is it so hard? 

Last bar 
This is my final holiday celebration before actually Christmas. I can't wait to just sit at home and not drink :)


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