November 14, 2011

People of Kenya and Tanzania

Back to the honeymoon... I think I've got two more posts left before I'm completely OVER writing about the honeymoon.

We were traveling with a group of North Americans and Australians for most of the trip, but we were able to meet many Kenyans and Tanzanians along the way as well. In my experience, the Kenyans were very friendly, while the Tanzanians were not as friendly. Generalised statement, I know, but that is what we encountered on our trip.

Below are some of my favorite pics of everyday Kenyan/Tanzanian life.

At the New Hope Orphanage 

Liverpool Fans! 

Local village near Lake Nakuru 

Takes a whole village to help me spin yarn (As I get my hair braided!) 

Mother and child 

Hubby makes new friends! 

Hubby and Fiona 

In the Masai Village 

In the Masai Village 

Listening intently to the Masai Village Chief 

Masai Warrior Dance 

His ears!!! (He indeed has a stick through the other ear) 

Spear Throwing 

Our first travel group 

Our truck broke down ... waa waa....village children come to see what's going on 

Village market in Kisii 

These ladies were SO sassy and fun! 

Local Market 

This man insisted we take a picture of him. Really looks like an ad for his website! 

Buy my bracelet!!! 


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