September 8, 2011


Since I've been home, I've been scouring the craft shops (Michael's and AC Moore) for centerpiece items. I have a whole pinterest page of items saved as inspiration, but I'm finding it really difficult to locate pieces that fit my ideal look for the venue- rustic and simple. I was in quite a panic today so I went shopping...for honeymoon clothes. Priorities, no? Breaks from wedding talk is completely necessary!

After a grueling day of shopping with mother, we decided to meet my dad and sister for dinner at a local restaurant. Since they arrived late, we went across the street to Hobby Lobby. I've never been in there before, but I LOVED it. It is WAY nicer then the other craft stores!

With literally 10 minutes to go before meeting the rest of the family, my mother and I walked into the front door and were greeted with the most perfect buckets for my centerpieces!!! AND, they were on SALE! How much did I love my life? I got way too excited and wiped their display out grabbing everything I could get my hands on.

They also had some lovely home decor stuff right in the front of the store and like a marketer's dream, I started grabbing things for our house. My mom had to calm me down and said that we could go back when we had more time (this said, while I had a nautical knot door stop and a humungous iron wall clock in my hands) How the heck would I have gotten the clock back? Good thing she stopped me.

Anyways, here are the lovely buckets! I can't wait to find flowers and greenery for them!


rach said...

ahhh so jealous! I love craft stores and there is a definate LACK of them in Ireland! And in reference to the clock....if there is a will there is a way! I managed to get my jumbo sized diploma over along with a huge metal star that hangs on the wall. I had to get rid of some cute clothes and shoes, but priorites. lol. (I cant wait to see how the centerpeices turn out btw!)

utran28 said...

You brought back a metal star!!?!? We're looking for something like that (very new england). It's encouraging to hear it can be done!

I wouldn't hold out too much hope for the centerpieces! :)

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