September 14, 2011

Final Fitting!

I had my final fitting today. EPPs! And the dress is still perfect... I cannot wait to wear it for real in 4 days!

Also, my mother finally finished sewing my veil, and it's LOVELY! I went with a cathedral length simple veil. It makes me feel like I'm playing dress up. As a bonus, the least expensive similar style I could find that I liked was at David's Bridal for $150 and mom made it for 10% of that... 10%!!!!! Veils are so ridiculously, silly expensive!


Bri Fitzsimmons said...

I've been a longtime reader and just wanted to say congratulations on your wedding! I hope you have a long and happy life with BF :)

utran28 said...

Thanks Bri. We had a blast... can't believe the planning is all over! You'll be reading about it for WEEKS :) xx

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