August 15, 2011

Dublin Mountain Way

BF and I continued our staycation and decided to do the Dublin Mountain way on Saturday. We started off taking the DART to Shankill and walked through the cute little village before heading onto the hiking path. To be 100% honest, it isn't well marked and it felt like we were sneaking into people's backyards to get to the start of the path.

Once we were there though, it was gorgeous! Only a 20 minute ride from the city, and you're in the countryside! Here are some lovely pics from our 3 hour hike.

The start of the trail 

The lead chimney 

I think... I can... reach it... 

Look at this crazy mushroom! I've never seen such a thing and it reminded me of fairies and elves...(or the super mushroom in Super Mario brothers!)
Crazy Mushroom! 
We finally got to the top and this is the view! We wished we had the foresight to bring a picnic lunch up here. Would have been amazing.
On the way to the top! 

Check out my 80's wind blown bangs! 

Once we reached the top, down we went to head to Johnny Foxes. We've been here once before with BF's sister, but this time we had to walk there...uphill...after not having anything but breakfast five hours earlier... in uncomfortable shoes...whine whine whine...that was me :)
Above the valley 
We finally got there, and I enjoyed an excellent Fish pie. I would have taken pictures of the cuteness inside, but I didn't want to be a tourist so here's a pic of me waiting outside for the cab to take us home!

Come on cab... I need a nap! 


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