July 4, 2011


With the pending nuptials and our extended honeymoon, BF and I haven't gotten a chance to travel as much as we normally do. We took advantage of the Irish sun this weekend and headed to Howth for the first time ever. It is such a cute village, and we felt like we were on holidays even through it was a short 40 minute/ 2.80E Dart ride from our house.

The weather was lovely, and we got to enjoy the little outdoor market. We walked along the pier and stopped for fresh oysters and wine- YUM! We finally ended the day with a walk along the cliffs which are AMAZING!

Along the pier 

Sadly, the fish markets were closed.  
Oysters! Yum, yum yum!  
You are indeed!  
Along the pier  
Group shot!  
View of Ireland's Eye on the far left  
You can't really tell but there is a STEEP drop straight into the ocean to the left. Scary.   


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