June 1, 2011

Yes I Cannes

So... it's been a bit quiet here on the blog because my life has been nothing but hectic- enough so that I was run down and out sick for two days last week. The last time I took a sick day was when I had Chikungunya fever! The wedding has been just a bit stressful, but I'm also changing jobs in the middle of it. (Why not, right?) 

One of the first tasks for my new job... Go to the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity* and hang out at the beach all day. No...seriously. When asked what I'll be doing there, my new manager said "Well, we have the beach rented out for the week, and I'm expecting you to be there for the entire day mingling. Hope that's ok" Um...yes, please! It's on at the end of the month and I cannot WAIT! I need some sun badly! 

* The Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity is like the dorky/nerdy brother of the fabulous Cannes Lion Film Festival. If only, I worked in movies and not online advertising! 


Blackbird said...

Hey there! I found your blog while doing a "Living in Dublin" research, I'm moving there next year, so I am trying to plan ahead what I can...I loved yours is so positive and inspiring... loved it!
Though I'm really getting worried about the shopping thing :S...

-Ana (Monterrey, Mexico)

PS. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

utran28 said...

Hi Ana,

Thanks for reading! The shopping is bad :( but everything else is indeed lovely here! Let me know if you need tips or advice in moving over.


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