June 28, 2011

Cannes- Part 2 (The Date!)

Although I had to work in Cannes, BF was able to come over and stay in my little hotel room with me which was amazing! I arrived on Tuesday and BF didn't get there until late Thursday night. To be honest, I didn't see him at all until late Saturday afternoon when all my work was done. However, we had made the best of the 5-6 hours and had the most lovely date exploring the old section of Cannes and San Margarita Island. Below are some pics! 

Studying hard for his exam

How fake does the background look? 

Please... no pictures! (In front of the Cannes Film festival Auditorium) 

View of Cannes from our ferry ride 

On San Margarita Island 

Lovely little swimming/lagoon area on San Margarita 


JessCPierce said...

Ahhhh, memories... I was jealous of all your travels before, but this is just plain mean of you Ly!

Cannes is such fun, isn't it? :)

JessCPierce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
utran28 said...

Tee hee...Sorry Jess. We'll try to be more inconspicuous for our next trip! :)

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