May 28, 2011


One more thing off the wedding to do list- the invitations!

Not going to lie, these were the bane of my wedding existence. There are SO many different options and every time I saw a new invitation I changed my mind. Plus, I didn't know if I wanted something traditional and formal (which my mom was definitely pushing for) or something more modern and casual which is more Kieran and I. I waffled about for 2 months(!!), but finally bit the bullet today and ordered them. WOOP!

I'm really excited that it's FINALLY been decided. I won't get them at all though because my sister is packing them and addressing them for me (Best Matron of Honour EVER!). Here's a bad sneak peak of them. The site I got them from features it in a blue which is not our color, but you can see pieces of the envelope, and front and back of the invitation.


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