March 15, 2011

No mussels in Brussels

I left last Friday for Brussels and came home on Sunday and even though it's Tuesday, I'm STILL exhausted from the weekend. To be fair, I had to travel to Paris for work on Monday (and I'm still here), but I think I might be getting too old for these food and drink fueled shannigans!

We had a fab time in Brussels and managed to sample all things Belgian (Beer, chocolate, waffles, frites) except for Mussels :(  I'll let some of my favorite pictures do the talking!

Chocolate Belgian babies 

Drinking Kriek Belgian Cherry beer in the Grand Palace 

Brussels is famous for this little peeing boy statue also known as the Mannequin Pis (You can find real pictures of him online, but I much prefer these colorful chocolate ones!) 

Swings in a bar

Huge selection of waffles... I loved every fat, calorific bite. It was SO amazing! 

Fritesland- The name says it all... like a theme park for french fries (not really, but that's what it felt like when we stumbled upon it. It was overwhelming with all the different frites choices!) 

Obligatory Group Shot! 


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