March 10, 2011


It's booked!

Since I was the project manager for the wedding planning :), BF was in charge of the honeymoon. I've always wanted to go to Southern Africa especially since I studied a lot of it in school (biological and cultural anthropology) AND Africa by Toto is my favorite song, so I asked BF to look into Africa for our trip. After a couple weeks of research, he delivered!

We'll be heading to Kenya through the Masai heartlands. We'll be able to see the Masai Mara, Lake Victoria and the Ngorongoro Crater among other cool sites. This portion of the honeymoon is 15 days long, and we'll be er...camping... ie cold showers if they even have showers. We figured if we can rough it camping in the Serengeti and avoid getting eaten by lions (plus avoid fighting with each other!!), we'll survive anything that is thrown our way for our marriage. Bring on the dry shampoo and baby wipes!

Below is the route we'll be taking... It's heart shaped- perfect for a honeymoon!

After our tour through Kenya, we'll be spending a couple of clean (!!!) days in Tanzania in a small beach resort. Finally, we'll head home through Qatar and since we'll be there for the stopover, we'll take about 2 days to explore that country quickly as well.

Less then 200 days (and counting!)


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