January 28, 2011

French Food Adventures

This week wasn't all about studying (thankfully)! The uni hosted a couple of nights out, and I went out to dinner with some new friends on the other nights.

We had a wine and cheese tasting which was pretty fab. There was a sommelier who told us all about the different regions in France and what types of wine they produced. We listened-ish but really just wanted the wine to be handed out.

Stinky Cheese

We also went to a couple of lovely French restaurants. This has actually been the first time I've gone traveling where the restaurant didn't have a translated English menu. I could work out what some of the dishes were but not all of them. I was feeling adventurous and picked something where I didn't recognise any of the words.

La Petite Friture a Grignoter

What could this amazing delight be? I was hoping for something CRAZY... turns out it was calamari- not so exotic but still delicious. For my main course I went with pigeon- yes THE flying rats. I had never seen it on a menu before and figured what not?

And here's what she looked like.

Yum! It actually tasted similar to duck but was a bit more gamey.

Finally, we headed to a little sweet shop and got macaroons which is crazy trendy right now. Although they are pretty little things, I'm not sure I understand the craze. I found them to be ok- pretty sugary to be honest.

So there you have my French food adventures. We also spent a lot of time eating baguettes- morning, noon and night which is not as exotic as pigeon :) I'm looking forward to my next trip in March! 


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