October 11, 2010

What a week!

It's been nuts at work and nuts at home this week.

- I attended a sales conference (2 days!)
- Met with what seemed like a thousand clients for a full day (and had to make small talk about weather for what seemed like hours)
- Was in breathing space with Bob Geldof (Part of the conference) AND... Brian Cowen (He's at my work place today and didn't reek of booze.)
- Got new wooden floors put in for the upstairs
- Hung our new fabulous map in the spare bedroom (It's large and magnetic and makes the room look like a school house)
- Bought new pillows for the guest bedroom
- Decorated the fireplace
- Got a coffee table and the MOST FAB coffee table book
- Researched wedding photographers and wedding venues
- Found an AMAZING!!!! new pole dancing studio in Bray
- Started boot camp
- Picked out new lights for the house

AND.... GREW half an INCH! I'm not kidding. We had to get measured and weighed for boot camp and I KNOW I'm five feet exactly. But apparently, I had a growth spurt in my first year of being thirty :) Woop! Fab ending to a crazy seven days.


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