October 18, 2010


I'm seriously already counting down the days until I get to go home. I've spent the past two holidays with BF and his family and while they are lovely, it's just not home. But the holidays are going to be nuts! I'm home for barely three days and I already have the following things lined up.

- Fly home to NH
- Drive down to NY
- Wedding dress shopping (AT KLEINFELDS!)
- Meet up with fab friends for dinner and a show, The Lion King
- Drive down to Philadelphia for the baby's baptism
- Back up to NH for more wedding dress shopping (2) & venue shopping (3)

That's from Friday to Monday only! The rest of my holiday is filled with meeting photographers, makeup and hair folks, cake tastings (Yeah!) and DJ/Band listening sesions. We hope to have everything booked and ready to go by the time I come back from my holidays.

OH, and I have to find curtains and rugs for the house (cause I hate everything that is on offer in Ireland). WHEW!


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