September 20, 2010

Up Down

Yesterday, BF and I went to the All-Ireland Gaelic Football final. It's like the Superbowl for Gaelic football, and his county (Cork) was one of the finalist along with County Down.

A couple of things.

1. We managed to get the tickets for face value but they were selling for around 350 Euro. I would have gladly sold my ticket for a weekend away - or um... some new clothes and/or curtains :) Alas, BF was really into it and his father also came up for it so away we went to Croke park.

2. The cheering - I'm from Philadelphia and know a thing or two about abusive sports fans (Hello Eagles football fans!), but sheesh! It was loud and raucous in the stadium. Lots and lots of cursing involved - even parents with little kids were cursing away.

3. Americans say "Let's go team x" or "Come on team X". Irish people say. "Up team x". I know weird. Even weirder the two finalists were County Cork and County Down so while BF was yelling "Up Cork", the opponents were yelling "Up Down" baa hahahahahaha... Irish peeps, you're too cute.

Anyways, despite the rain, we got good results, and Cork won!

Congratulations indeed!

Celebrations with Cork colors


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