August 23, 2010

The Lucky TShirt

Yesterday, BF, his father and I went to Croke park for the Gaelic Football semi-finals (Dublin vs. Cork). For some reason, even though I don't LOVE Gaelic Football, I find myself at this event every year. It's good fun though, and the sun was shining so no real complaints from me.

My friend, M, is a HUGE Gaelic football fan or really anything that is remotely related to Cork. She was away this weekend and couldn't attend the match so lent me her lucky shirt to wear to the game. She said that every time the shirt is IN Croke park, Cork wins. Well, it was lucky indeed! Cork was behind Dublin the ENTIRE match, but in the last 2 minutes, they scored twice. Whew. Lucky! I'm not even going to go into how Gaelic football is played, but it's a combination of soccer and rugby, maybe, kinda, sorta?

The lucky T - It says "Daon Phoblacht Chorcai" which means "People's Republic of Cork" in Gaelic (Cork is like Texas. They think they should be their own country.)

The Cork Team warming up

Final Score


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