June 20, 2010

Street Performer Championship

After all the excitement of buying real furniture, BF and I decided to finally go out and enjoy the weekend sun. We headed over to Stephen's green for a picnic and an afternoon of people watching -seriously one of the best spots in town. When the sun comes out in Dublin, it is really one of the best cities to live in. EVERYONE comes out (and starts to turn bright red). The streets were packed with tourists and locals alike.

After finishing up our lunch, we moseyed over to Merrion Square which was hosting the Street Performance World Championship. I couldn't believe the crowd. We could barely make our way through to the park, but it was a great, festive atmosphere.

Some pics from the park

Funny signs
 My motto in life
Summer in Dublin

The cutest trash can I've ever seen

It was a 99 kind of day


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