June 19, 2010

Into the 'Burbs

Although we don't have a confirmed closing date yet, we know it's coming soon (hopefully this week!) so off we went to buy furniture for the house today. I've actually been quite concerned about getting stuff for our house because I've only been to the stores in the city and the selection is slim to none. I've done research online as well and nothing nice actually gets delivered to Dublin.

So based on the advice of a friend, we headed to the Blanchardstown Shopping Center

Um. aMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

It was like my favorite shopping mall back in America- with one main mall and several retail parks outside that had tons of great stores. There was a store called Home Store + More which is EXACTLY like Bed, Bath and Beyond. They even had a TWO story TK Maxx AND... an AUNTIE ANNE's....Imagine my excitement.

BF and I had two things on our shopping list which we considered essentially to start- a TV and a bed room set. (Sensible, right?). We actually saw a bedroom set that we loved at Arnott's downtown, but it was the first one I saw and so I didn't want to buy it right away which is why we headed to Blanchardstown. We did end up getting a (bigger then necessary) TV at Harvey Norman's.

BF and I have actually never gone clothes shopping together as that would probably cause some drama, but we're great home shopping partners. I didn't really care about the TV so didn't mind what he bought, and he wasn't really particular about the bed so I got to make that decision.

In the Harvey Norman's

It really exists!!!
Silly BF in the Lighting Store

Hetty and Henry- The Cutest Vacuum Cleaners Ever!


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