June 11, 2010

Cork Marathon Weekend

Aside from visiting BF's family last week, I was headed down to Cork for the Marathon relay with the girls as well. Before we started on our run, we had spa treatments first at the Imperial Hotel.Our hotel package included the treatments, 3 course dinners and breakfast, and we took full advantage of the relaxation before the marathon.

The Spa's Relaxation Room

I wasn't feeling well the night before the race, but I assumed it was just because I was nervous. (I hadn't been training that much. The furthest I had run was 6 miles the week before and my leg of the race was 10 miles). I woke up and my stomach was in knots. It didn't help when I looked out the window- POURING rain! EKKS! Off I went for our run. It was honestly the most TERRIBLE race I have ever run before in my life. TMI alert... there may have been some puking going on WHILE I was running! I did manage to run the whole thing and complete it. I have been wrecked all week from it, but at least it's over!

Relay change point- Probably the funniest facial expressions ever! 

Me and BF, our fearless supporter!

The Finish Line!

The Relay Team


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