May 4, 2010

Exodus to Israel

After all the excitement of the engagement, we grabbed our things and headed to Dublin port for our ferry to Wales. Aside from just getting engaged, I had never been on a ferry before so it was all excitement all night :)

We finally made it to Wales at midnight and it was FREEZING.... Not only that, but we had a four hour wait in the cold train station before our train into London. Perfect way to spend the first night of being engaged, eh?

When we got to London, we were relieved to find out our flight was not canceled. WHEW! The first couple minutes of the flight was really turbulent so that was scary but it was smooth sailing after that.

We spent the first couple of days in Tel Aviv, hanging out and relaxing on the beach. We did walk to the old town of Jaffa and wandered around its lovely old buildings. Tel Aviv is a lovely beach city but not too much to report here. It was just chilled out which was the perfect way to start our holidays!

Lunch along the coast between Tel Aviv and Jaffa


Old Town Jaffa


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