May 24, 2010

I bless the rains down in Africa....

This past weekend was definitely the best weather we've had since I've moved to Ireland and I took full advantage of the rare sunshine. Saturday, there was a wedding fair on in the D4 hotel. I went with my friend Sonya who is OBSESSED with weddings so she was a good buddy to take along. The fair was a bit lame to be honest, but they did have a fun fashion show and had tons of wedding magazines which I promptly took to Herbert park for a sunny read.

Saturday night, the girlies and I went to the Spring Break concert. It was AMAZING as always- nothing better then screaming Africa at the top of your lungs. I went 80's prom style complete with teal sequins! Surprisingly, I was walking to my friends house when I was stopped by this older lady telling me it was the most beautiful dress she's seen all day. AND, other gals throughout the night loved the dressed too. I couldn't tell if they were taking the pi#$ or if they really liked it. It is honestly the ugliest dress I've worn in a long time :)

The Gals

Me and my personal trainer

The lead singer- Shout out to Boston! (Note his creepy gloves)

The next day BF and I walked into town in the lovely sun, watched a cricket match and had a picnic in Stephen's green. At the end of the day, we headed to my friend Kate's house for a BBQ. She has a roof deck which is the biggest I have ever seen, and we had a lovely BBQ with champagne. She forced BF and I to drink out of the funniest 2 becomes 1 champagne glasses to celebrate our engagement. Too CHEESY! :)


The funny glasses


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