April 12, 2010

Skittles and Sunshine

Weekend recap! We celebrated our pal M's birthday as well as our friend S's homecoming from three months of travel this past Friday night. Nothing says Happy Birthday AND welcome home like... Skittle Vodka. Yes, I realise I'm near 30 and yes I know I'm not in college any more but I don't care! The drinks were delightful.

Kev and his ladies

Skittle shots!

Fully recovered from my night out, BF and I took advantage of the sun on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we walked along the coast from Kiliney to Dalkey which was lovely and warm.

Someone's actual house (at least it seemed like it was based on what was in the windows- I'm a peeping tom!)

My most FAVORITE part of the walk... How random are the benches on the road?

Sunday, we spent the day people watching in the park and eating ice cream. We walked around Merrion Square and we found this funny chair dedicated to Dermot Morgan, also known as Father Ted - a funny Irish show produced from 1995-1998. Everyone definitely was out and about in the sun in Dublin. Everyone came into work with little red faces!


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