March 11, 2010

Expoloring Dublin

So I've been here over a year now and yesterday was the first time I actually walked around Trinity's campus. Slacker!

We had a team event yesterday which was a fun crime scene treasure hunt. I felt very Jack Bauer receiving all these clues through our phones and in random places around the city. We scoured Dublin for the "criminal" and in the process I got to see some sights that I usually just walk past quickly to get to my next pint (kidding, well, kind of).

Additionally, we had ANOTHER celebrity sighting. Six members of the rugby team were having dinner at the Exchequer pub downtown. I recognised only a couple of them (Tommy Bowe, Paul O'Connell and Ronan O'Gara).

After we solved the crime, the team (that's us, not the Rugby team) headed over to Messer Maguires for some pints. (It always goes back to the pints!)


Khine-Land said...

Hi, I am a friend of Jenny Yangs and I saw your blog through hers. I think it's really cute and I have been following it esp. because my bf and I will be visiting Dub next wk. Thought I would ask you for some recs on a good place for some Irish food and a pint on our first night. Any thoughts? Thanks!

utran28 said...

Thanks for following my blog. I'm glad to hear you like it. The Exchequer pub that I popped into last night is good gastropub type of food ( But for the "Irish feel", I think you might like Messrrs Macquire ( It's really cute. Has tons of nooks and crannies :) Also baggot inn ( is good too. If you send along your email. I can provide more info about places to go! :)

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