March 15, 2010

Day Drinking

There's nothing I love more then day drinking and what better way to start it this past Saturday morning then at brunch with my favorite ladies at our favorite restaurant, Saba. We eat there so often that they start making our favorite cocktails before we even order them. We had a lovely meal, then left to find a pub to watch the rugby match.

We ended up in Sheehan's which I had never been to. My friend M from America was in town this weekend so she met us at the pub as well. We ended up moving from bar to bar (obviously to give M a good tour of Dublin). Finally after drinking (ourselves sober!) all day, we ended up in the most Irish place possible... TGI Friday's. HA! Who says I'm not a good tour guide?!

My Lovely Ladies

Irish Flair at TGIF


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