February 2, 2010

Two ships in the night

After a week away and a 24 hour flight, I thought I would be nice and meet up with BF at the airport. His flight was arriving at 3:45 so I figured, I would arrive at 4:00 and it would be perfect timing since he had to go through passport and get his bags.

I got there at 4:00 and pulled my book out for a read while waiting for him. The time passed quickly as the book was very interesting. My phone rang around 4:30 and it was BF! Yeah! Our conversation below:

Me: Hi BF! Welcome home!
BF: Hi. Where are you? (He was nicer, but I'm sure you don't want to hear the sappiness!)
Me: I'm just outside the arrivals gate. You can't miss me, I got a front row waiting seat.
BF: Are you serious?
Me: Um... yes.
BF: I'm at HOME.

BALLS! His flight got in early (I didn't check) and he was waiting for awhile and his phone wasn't charged so he figured I wasn't coming. A trip to the airport and back for NOTHING!!


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