January 19, 2010

Twists, Turns and Spins

So I was back at the gym yesterday for the first time since "The Fever". My joints are still sore but it was manageable. It felt great to be back!

Tonight I have my first dance (pole not hip hop) class for the year. I haven't been in AGES, and I miss it! The last dance studio I went to was good but so disorganised. They would cancel without letting me know, or the teacher would be late, or they would change the times without a word of warning- ANNOYING!

Strangely enough there aren't that many places in Dublin that offer pole dancing :) I managed to find another "studio". They seem professional enough (at least their website does) but their class takes place at a bar. Is that weird? Are they hopeful that we will turn this into a true profession?


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