December 15, 2009

Flight Fights

As mentioned last week, I have booked a lot of flights for my upcoming holidays already, but each one has been far from smooth.

We booked our flights to the MiddleEast for April 2010 a couple of weeks ago and it was fine, but then we got an email that said that there was a minor change to the flights. No big deal, right? They actually changed the DAY of the flight - from Hamburg to Tel Aviv... ekks! We had bought flights to Hamburg for a different day, and it was a big hassle to get it changed. In the end, we canceled with the airline altogether, and re-booked our flights from Dublin to Hamburg and switched it to Dublin to Barcelona for another weekend. And then rebooked the MiddleEast with another airline.

Fab, right? Well, I then found out I had to be in Zurich for work on the Thursday to Friday before my Barcelona trip. Still, no problem, until I looked for flights. There are no flights out of Zurich to Dublin on the Friday after 6:00pm...EKKKKKKKKKKKS! and I HAD to be in Dublin as I had a flight out of Dublin to Barcelona in the early AM. Anyways, we managed to sort that out, I'll be staying in London instead overnight and flying from London to Barcelona.

After all that was sorted (and yes, I was VERY confused trying to get it all done. Thank goodness for BF!), we found out that British Airways are going to strike right over the Christmas period. Er... yup you guessed it, that's our airline to India. EKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKS again! We actually have no solution for this one. It's a gajillion dollars to buy another last minute flight to India on a different airline as you can imagine. We are just sitting here with fingers crossed - hoping we'll be able to make our friend's wedding.


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