December 6, 2009

12 Pubs of Christmas- SURVIVED!

My friends and I decided to continue the Christmas cheer this weekend and celebrate with a 12 pubs of Christmas. pub crawl. We decided that the first thing we needed to do in preparation was to line our stomachs full of yummy carbs at Saba before getting started. Even though we said we wouldn't get a cocktail because of the 12 drinks that were ahead of us--- we did get cocktails -Twist our arms, eh?

Then we were off to the pubs!
1. Mulligans
2. Doyle's
3. The Palace
4. The Foggy Dew
5. PorterHouse
6. Stag's Head
7. The Long Hall
8. Sinnot's
9. McDaid's
10 Bruxelles
11. Duke
12. Wheelan's

Many of them were old man's pubs that I have never been to so it was nice to see Dublin this way :)

Sober faces in the first pub

Pub 8 - at the height of the Madness

Pub 10- Still Standing


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