August 28, 2009

The Rose of Tralee

This week the Rose of Tralee festival and "international" pageant was on in Kerry. A fan of all beauty pageants, I recorded this event religiously and just finished watching it last night.

First off, it's not really a beauty pageant (or so they say). The gals are judged on their poise and "likability". So basically, they get dressed up in pretty (?) gowns and have interviews on stage. Some of them, if they chose, can perform a "party piece" or talent. There was some singing, playing of instruments, etc. but it's not required. Random, right? Watching the Rose of Tralee was only ok. There was no crazy dance sequence, bathing suit competition, multiple gown changes... typical of pageants.

I have two gal pals that tried out for the Rose of Tralee this year. They made it to their respective regional competitions (County Cork and County Wicklow). The requirements to be in the pageant is that you must have some Irish blood (rules me out!).

Apparently, it is very prestigious in Ireland to win the rose, but honestly they could have gotten a better crown. Something more sparkly, maybe?


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