August 12, 2009


Ut-oh! We might have some upcoming changes to our little life.... No weddings or babies... (Whew!)

But, our lease ends next week. We hadn't seriously thought about moving at all because our place is lovely. However, we saw apartments in our place offered for less then what we are paying and asked our landlord for a rent reduction. He's not really wavering on lowering the rent (even though there are many, many empty apartments in our block.) so we're going to look for potential new places this weekend.

Our current home:

Last year when the BF looked for places (I was still in Boston and signed a lease for our apartment site unseen), there weren't that many options, but now there are tons of nice places. We're looking for a 2 bedroom (Guest room!) with definitely 2 bathrooms (otherwise our living situation would be rather unpleasant). There's a lot out there right now so fingers crossed for a lovely new place or a rent reduction.


Geo said...

keep looking

in due time you shall reap!

cheers and happy apartment hunting!

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